Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With This Ring...

              Victorian Style Poison Ring, courtesy Cowan's Auctions

With this ring... one could hide a secret potion, poison, or elixir. During the sixteenth century the Europeans fancied such a thing. They employed these small, somewhat unassuming trinkets, to assist in their heroic adventures, and unsavory deeds.

Antique Taxco Sterling Poison/Perfume Ring, courtesy Antiques Navigator

Precious metals, and gorgeous gems were used to create these mysterious, and quite beautiful pieces.
A poison ring, (which was also referred to as a box, or locket ring) was constructed, with a small compartment, directly under the main setting.
Herein, its owner would conceal the potion, tonic, relic, or possibly a treasured memento from a deceased love.

Greek Scene Poison Ring, courtesy Austin Auction Gallery

In the 17th century, the ring was commonly made for funeral purposes. A mourner would often tuck a lock of the decedent's hair, into the ring's chamber, for safe keeping.
Today, these antique poison rings are not only highly collectible, they are affordable, and fashionable as well.

Antique Georgian Gold & Diamond Poison Ring, courtesy

Since there are a lot of cheap reproductions to be found, if you want a true antique, it is best to deal with a reputable dealer. Of course, we're not sure what you may find inside of one.... so please proceed with extreme caution.
Let us know if you have a special antique "poison ring" in your collection. We'd love to hear about it!  Cheers, Al

Vintage Poison Ring, courtesy Carroll's Auctioneers & Appraisers


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