Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Artist Escape, With Mariano Fortuny

Hello darlings! Today we are focusing our attention on the masterful work of Mariano Fortuny. He will forever be remembered, for his contributions to the world of fashion, and most significantly, textile design.

                                  Self Portrait, Mariano Fortuny.

Mariano was born in Granada, Spain in 1871. With his rich artistic background - his father was a painter, and his grandfather, a painter as well - it was obvious that Mariano would carry his own creativity forward and make his own mark.
Mariano's many talents included painting, sculpting, and photography. He was greatly influenced by the theatre, and had an interest in the lighting of the stage itself. He became friendly with the German composer, Richard Wagner. Mariano and he would collaborate on the creativity of grand theatrical stage productions.
Mariano sketched out the scenes and developed the look of the fashions for the actors, as well as devising inventive lighting techniques, that had never been used before.

     Mariano created the "Knossos Scarf", used as an embellishment 
     to an ensemble. Here the printed scarf is worn to cinch the dress.

Of course Mariano is best known for his fashion and textile designs. His exquisite usage of a variety of fabrics, and the glamorous looks he achieved were remarkable.
Here are some photos of the famous "Delphos" gown. Made of delicate silk, hand-dyed, and finely pleated. These garments would drape the figure for a simple, and very glamorous look.

                            Mrs. Conde Nast in her Fortuny gown.

Here are some samples of vintage Fortuny woven textiles. The combination of beautiful colors and gorgeous designs are timeless.

Recently sold Fortuny remnant.

Vintage 1920's Fortuny remnant available on Etsy.

Recently sold vintage Fortuny remnant.

Recently sold Fortuny remnant.

Fortuny remnant available on Ebay.

The Fortuny Company is still creating some of the most beautiful material today, using the same techniques, and attention to details, as they did when Mariano first founded the business so long ago.
We hope this post has sparked your interest, and that you share the same love of fabulous fashion, and textile design. Have a wonderful day! -Al


  1. Such wonderfully crafted fabric and I enjoyed seeing the self-portrait. Thanks so much for including mine in your post!

  2. What exquisite fabrics. I can't imagine being the seamstress who worked with this. So delicate & form fitting....
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  3. I knew Fortuny was famous for his fabrics...but I had no idea he was a fashion designer as well. Thanks for the info.


  4. Gorgeous fabric and dresses!
    Thank you so much for all your prayers for my BIL, it means so much to me. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

  5. What an interesting read, the Fortuny family was certainly very gifted.
    How wonderful that the company is still producing it's own fabric line.
    Have a wonderful day, Cindy